Thursday, July 1, 2010

J.J.A.C.S a few E's and Pastor T.

two years ago today changed my life, and i
wouldn't go back to my old life for a bazillion dollars.
for a host of reasons.. but the main one???... friends.

the ones that stick by you even when your ugly insides come out.
the ones that trust and i trust them
the ones who laugh with me not at me
the ones who forgive and really do forget
the ones that give you a chance to become something more.
the ones that pray with you and for you
the ones that model a relationship with God that inspires.

if i wasn't "flippant and insubordinate" you would have never become so important in my life, and for that i'm very very very thankful to a God that knew i needed you all in my life.

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