Thursday, July 15, 2010


i should have rethought today's happyday activity. yes, it was fun AND messy, but maybe i should have tried to work with the project materials (quick set concrete) before i was in front of 11 littles playing.. either way, i have to remind myself that it was fun, and a learning experience.. i just kick myself when i'm not as prepared as i could be.. yah that's a confession... when will i learn?

i just love this shot of these too little guys.. truely in the moment of creating something beautiful. maybe i'm too hard on myself.. (i can just hear your head noddin miss holly) so maybe before getting all pent up about something not going as planned.. i'll think about the fun and the mess as another opportnity for fun and mess to help someone have a happyday!!

we did read an excellent storybook about dogs.. the illustrations in the book are amaxing!!

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