Saturday, March 6, 2010

world changer's year 8 starts..

Pretty sure this lady loves me.. cuz when i ask her to help me with pretty much any hair-brained idea i come up with and she hardly EVER complains about it. love this lady..

love this little too. she helps sort and count out the "goods" for the goodie bags.

so once everyone arrives. the noise starts. oh who am i kidding..
it started WAY before they got off the bus.

the lady who made this is a rockstar in my book.. love my auntie.

then we opened the goodies...

so the goods were.. this fun little shooter and a ammo holder..
totally not my idea i ripped it off from this party.

love love love this little trying out the big guns. love her.

love this guy too.. uncle george your a freak, but i love ya..
i'm thinking modeling might be in your future!

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