Monday, March 1, 2010

currently learning.

1. using crutches hurts your arms, feet, body, and mind.
2. one should not try to jump up stairs without crutches while taking high doses of drugs.
3. falling on stairs.. hurt.
4. carrying a cup of coffee is extremely dangerous while using crutches
4.5. i'm not a better typer even under the influence of drugs. *sigh
5. taking a bath backwards in a bath tub isn't as fun as it seems.
6. my world changers are extremely helpful.. and great "getters."
7. chicken noodle soup and apple crisp really do make you feel better.
8. a falling frozen round steak is an incredibly scary thing.
9. books on CD are my friends.
10. i have the BEST lead singer in the whole wide world...hand down.

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