Monday, October 5, 2009


shhhh don't tell.
you never saw this picture.
i signed a covenant that says that
what happens in small group stays in small group...
but it's a part of my story that i just have to share it with you.
i offered to lead my sunday night small group for one week. it happens to be the week that we are studying contemplative tradition. me being who i am, i wanted to play.

so i bring my happyday! supplies and we painted.

we painted the place where we have experienced God.
with quiet piano music playing
a single candle lit in the middle of the table
there we sat. being quiet together for about 10-15 minutes focusing on God.
it was worshipful and beautiful.

at the end of the time we shared about our painting, and it hit me that God is active and alive in everyones life around that table, of course i know that, but seeing it was refreshing, and encouraging.

(those bars in the middle of the table were my "apology" token.. incase everyone hated playing.
cause it never hurts to want to be liked..)

UGH!! i almost forgot to TELL you the REASON that i enjoyed this journey with my bros and sistas so much..

at the end we had to pick another leader for the next week

and someone said "i pick kelly..."

haven't heard that in over a year... warms my heart.

thanks God.

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