Wednesday, May 2, 2012

what if evil didn't win this time?

I start to wash dishes. The water doesn't run right. The Lead Singer frantically searches for the cause. It's just the kitchen faucet, it's running slow and as always you have to go turn on the bathtub to get the hot water heater started so the water is hot. None of this works and my hope of getting the dishes done dwindles. Water issues, simple yet so frustrating when you have had the privilege of having hot running water on demand your whole life. I take the Changers to school, come home and wallow in self pity. Water, is that too hard for you God? If you loved me water wouldn't be an issue. right? In my heart I know I'm just having a pity party, but gosh darn it.. everyone has water. I should too.

My phone chirps alerting me of an email. I log on and find myself engrossed in a video that should make your blood boil. I encourage you to watch it. It's only a few minutes long.


Anonymous said...

That's not a mother, that's a monster.

Ken Hood said...

Signed. But had to travel through a few intermediate links. Here is the direct link:

Ken Hood said...

Anytime there is a masked man (thug)... you already know the truth. Thanks Kelly. Everyone can take a minute and sign a petition. Every little child matters. Faith without actions is dead (Book of James in the Bible).