Saturday, April 7, 2012

to endure the wait.

There is something uncomfortable about waiting. The place in between. The moments or lifetimes when you beg and plead for relief from whatever you are going through, and God seems to turn a deaf ear and carry on working in other people around you, and you sit there hearing nothing.  Planning and scheming your own way out of whatever it is your knee deep in. Waiting is hard, dare I say Americans stink at it?

Of course Satan doesn't want you to wait. If you wait well, you might hear God's words in your heart so deep that would never let them go. Then, your life is changed- into something that Satan has no use for. Ahhhh.. that's the master scheme. You can not thrive on microwave waiting.

You must have slow cooker faith. When you cook with a slow cooker you put all the ingredients in first. Then you enjoy life with the aroma of whats cooking. With the exception of the good things that are cooking. The aroma helps you wait well. It's the waiting that develops your senses to the Spirit. The sweet smell of God's work and giving Him glory.

When Jesus proclaim "It is finished" while He was still hanging on the cross, God could have conquered death right then and there, but God chose to have Jesus raised on the third day. On day two the believers had no choice but to morn and feel hopeless. They just invested three years of their lives into a man who just died a horrible death.  Rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, they felt it all I'm almost positive.  So many times in the Word we see situations that God could have chose to have come in and save the day. But He loved us enough to wait.

Waiting. It's another form of love. A form of love that develops deeper intimacy and joy with the God who created you. You may have to force yourself to wait. You would not be alone in that battle, but if you are screaming and kicking while waiting, looking and grasping for any sign that the waiting is over, you may be missing the point.  Go about your day.  Redirect your thoughts on the goodness and love of God as needed and be still. God will astound you. God will tell your soul to move and act. God will whisper gentle words of love to you.. and you will learn to love to wait. Because it's in the waiting that God is the nearest to you. God wants to save the day for you, but he also wants the glory. He's like that. Jealous of your affection. He wants you to love Him with all of you, and that may take years, or maybe just days.. but know He will save you from whatever you find your self journeying through.  He promises.

"For you have need of endurance, 
so that when you have done the will of God 
you may receive what is promised."
Hebrews 10:36

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