Friday, February 10, 2012

i'm not blogging today.

Golly, I haven't written for a long time. Makes me giggle knowing that none of you dear sweet readers are pestering me to blog more... lol.. yes, I know we all have very busy lives, and I know this is more therapy for me to write then for you to read, so no hard feelings. Not a single one.. So, now that we are all on the same page.. Lets get caught up ok? 

I've been making lovelies.  Lots of them.

 Infact, I have given up dinner making and laundry for such things as this... 

Which I have been putting off creating for about a week. It's a grandma, and those words have been in my head for about a week, but someone out there needs them... so I created it and now I get to watch God work. (it's a 5x7 canvas) 

Speaking of God... 


no, Kelly... that is Walmart, not God. 

This lovely was commissioned by my brother. He did give me a picture to look at, but then thats it. I will write more about this particular one in another post, maybe.. it has a great story. Ever washed feet before?   Ok, I must move on.. 

nooo Kelly, thats the volleyball court.. your not blogging about all the time your spending at practices.. 

I have also been planning and leading a park and rec class for 16 students. It's been so much fun. I am a bit more relaxed than I ever have been, and that makes me happy. This next Monday we will be sculpting.. so I'm headed to Hobby Lobby.. but thats AFTER I go prove to the state that I DO have insurance... oh yes... I got a ticket.. 

one last thing... that barn door?... yah... it's going to be the anchor in the display of my lovelies.. in a window.. uptown... WHOOOHOOO!!! Praising Jesus for his provision.. and after I freaked out a bit about that.. I remember I'm not blogging about that either today. 

Infact, I shouldn't be blogging.. I should be leaving.. I gots me things to do. 

~HapPyDaY FoLks!! 


Karrie said...

yes, roses.... and I want that!!!!

kelly said...

its yours! :)