Monday, November 21, 2011

He asked me a question.

He smiled, took my face and asked me a question. I've heard the question asked many times over again through the Bible.. but Jesus was asking me. This was different. He wanted me to be sure deep down of somethings about Him. Confident. He reminded me that this wasn't a content question. He assured me that His fingerprints would be all over the answer so that I would know and also feel that I'm 100% right in His eyes. Do you even know how much that little gift means to me?? There really IS no wrong answer! 

 "Kelly, who do you say that I am?" 

and He had me grab my camera.. and walk. 

You are the morning sun revealing the night's secrets.
You are worthy to be trusted. You are constant. You are free. 
Full of love for those who look, see and taste. 

You are complete. You are perfect words. 
You are the step giver who keeps my feet from stumbling. 
You are my foundation. You are the Rock on which I stand. 
You surround me with your grace. You are my cover.

You sometimes keep yourself hidden until my steps lead me to you. Discovery of You in me is part of the journey. You are a gift to be opened and shared. You are peace. 

I just have to ask you friend.... Who do you say that He is? 

"Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord." 
Hosea 6:3

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