Monday, June 8, 2009


the reality of following God is that it's not always easy. and sometimes maybe God gives you that thorn in your flesh to keep you close to Him. He's not going to remove it, because you need it. 

i have a thorn, and i still pray for God to remove it, almost every day. I guess deep down that's why i don't want to go anymore. i know it's here to stay, so i learned to live with it, and let me tell you it's no fun to have that thorn twisted and you have to humble yourself and run back to God and lean on Him for every thought and action. 

i know God will give me peace in that place, but i'm not so sure he will remove the thorn for that peace to happen, but i pray that the sting of the thorn will grow less and less, so maybe one day, one beautiful day i won't be needing it anymore to be reminded to run back to my God. 

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ZooMama said...

Beautiful thought! Very like Paul...